"SHAKTI" in Sanskrita means energy and "SANKALPA" translates into a determined decision which is a promise that can not be broken. Hence, this is a process which actively energizes the spaces or beings that may have come in contact with you, your family, and your ancestors. This takes you on a journey to consciously energize and actively clean the homes, offices, cars, or any spaces that you have lived in the past or currently inhabiting. This process also cleans many different forms of curses that may have been hurled upon you, your family, or any of your ancestors.

This is the last process of cleansing and purifying. After this you are free from the shackles of past and fully energized with positive energy, your family and surroundings are purified, energized and cleaned too. All obstacles are removed and transformed to work for you. This is the time to fully cherish your life, enjoy your surroundings and you are most WELCOME to our Jeevan Dhyana - The Meditation Program.